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Webinar series are offered throughout the course, the topics of which are selected in consultation with students.
Are you looking for a gateway to the enlightened genius and perception that is Vedic Astrology?
Do you want to discover from this ancient enlightened wisdom, a guide statement to your Dharma, your incarnational life purpose, your life-scripts and karmas, your path of transcendence, your current life, your relationships and your future?
Do you also want to learn the vastly sophisticated, sure and accurate keys to understanding of Vedic Astrology?
And do you want a Vedic Astrology course that is not only technically expert and learned, but one that is also totally caring – a course that gives you genuinely unique and varied levels of student support and tutor communication?
If these are what you are looking for, then you are guaranteed satisfaction if you enroll on my Master Vedic Astrology Course.

Watch this Video, fourth in the series of regular Vedic Astrology Webinars that supplement member’s study work. See the references to healing use of vedic astrology and western astrology crossover.

In fact there are four special, indeed unique features of the Master Vedic Astrology Course Course:
It is Caring: The teaching is dedicated, caring and extensive: this is a worldwide distance learning certificated course. The course aims to train Counselors and teachers of Vedic Astrology.
It is taught in three levels from beginner to advanced course. There is also a fourth course: a most valuable combined Vedic-Western Relationship Astrology Course.
Einstein's Chart

Each course has a very clear focus and a very clear direction of study. The teaching focuses on two charts: yours and mine, and thus all the techniques that you learn are grounded and psychologically valid, linked to the lives of flesh and blood people and thus not ungrounded or mentalistic or dogmatic. There is always a very clear direction of study. You get so much more than time-limited verbal lessons or recorded teaching or slides, or assignments with inappropriately small word limits, or courses where the assignments are not read by the tutor. This is a project you can study simply, or you go into vast academic detail, and you are guaranteed to get the most exhaustive and patient completely personalised Tutor response. This is like the Oxford Tutorial System that I myself experienced in the late 1960s. It supports you in achieving the highest level of excellence you aspire to.
It links to Enlightened Consciousness: the Master Vedic Astrology course has in-built opportunity for you to connect to methods of raising consciousness, empowerment and healing. The whole ethic of the interpretation is that it should be positive. Vedic astrology is a gateway to enlightened consciousness, healing modalities and empowerment. Art therapy and embodiment empowerment techniques can be used.
Healing and Empowerment

And more than this! My Master Vedic Astrology Course Course does not just settle for the very special many-layered perception that is Vedic Astrology, the course applies this perception. You are supported in identifying how you embody the gifts and challenges that Vedic Astrology so perceptively and accurately defines. Where in your body do you hold and feel these karmas/scripts? You are encouraged to draw them, embody them, heal them and transform. Linked Healing/empowerment techniques include:

Remedies and Mantra that can heal and stabilise your Mind and attract a higher vibration of your particular planetary energies into your life.

Remember, importantly, Astrology can pin-point specific needs for emotional release or healing. I work with my partner to bring to you worldwide distance healing modalities if you feel these are needed.

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